Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Feelin better

We went for our consult today. The Dr says that my body just rejected the embryos. They are gonna run an antinuclear antibody test, prolactin and TSH (thyroid) tests. From these tests they will be able to see if there any abnormalities. They will adjust my protocol accordingly. They usually prescribe steroids or baby aspirin to help with implantation. I feel alot more positive. Once my body gets back to 'normal' we will be able to try again. I want to go back to Curves and try to lose some of the pounds I put on. I gained 7 pounds while doing this.
Dr. Gill is so awesome and such a blessing he is really dedicated and said it's his goal to get us pregnant. Gill suggested we start with a fresh cycle and not waste time with the one frozen that we have. If this next cycle takes and we have some to freeze he will bank at the same location as the one which we can use later on. He has offered to waive his fee for our fresh cycle which brought me to tears. All we will have to pay for id the hospital and medicine. He is truly amazing. I think the first run was just a trial as sad as it is we learned from it and will move forward. I will keep everybody informed as to what we are doing. As for now I am getting the house and our lives back in order.
Love you all and thank you so much for being there I don't what I would do without you.

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