Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The night before

Well here we are the night before as Aaron says, I get knocked up! I am finally getting nervous. It really has happened so fast. I went a got a full body massage tonight. I feel so relaxed. Hopefully the 'Ice Storm' won't keep us from getting to the hospital in the morning. I did my first Progesterone shot tonight. I put ice on the spot for like 10 minutes then put the Progesterone in warm water for a little bit to get it warm. The shot itself wasn't bad and neither was the oil going it. I have been rubbing it to get it all worked in so it doesn't get lumpy. We have to be at the hospital at 7 am. Then it's bedrest for 3 days when we get home. I am sure by Friday I will have cabin fever. I have plenty of magazines, movies and of course my computer to keep me busy. If worse comes to worse I can always sleep and we all know I love that. I will update as soon as I know how many they have transferred and all the other details.


Jenna said...

REading your blog brought back a stream of memories for me! I don't even know you from adam and I am so excited for you!Here's a glimmer of hope for you - I too went through IVF after both tubes were removed and there was no other hope for me to conceive. I lost 7 before we decided to do IVF (before my tubes were removed of course) and I only had 3 eggs- that's it! The dr.'s and nurses were shocked when all 3 fertilized. So they told me the chances of even one of them "latching on" were slim to none. Much to all of our surprise, all 3 of my little ones hung on and I am now the blessed mother of triplets- they are 5 now! Good luck to you I wish nothing but the best for you and your honey!!!

The Guys said...

Awwww, girl, I'm so excited for you. Let us know how many they 'knock you up with'. We're keeping you in our thoughts!!!!! And don't worry about the ice, just take a pic of the icicles to go with the embryo pic and then the babies can see what the weather was like on the day they were implanted. Hugs to you!

Mama Jean said...

what wonderful weather to have to have bed rest! Honey down in Louisiana we are making gumbo, soup, and bisque to have something to do, and of course, eating our King cakes.How romantic of Aaron to get you "knocked up" Take care, and be careful with all tese ice storms all across Texas right now. Whatever, don't slip!