Friday, January 12, 2007

No more hormones!!!

My nurse called and I will trigger (hcg shot) tonight at 8:30 pm on the dot!!!!! NO MORE STIMS!!!! My Egg Retrieval will be Sunday, we have to be at the hospital at 7 am. Tuesday I will start Progesterone and Medrol. Wednesday will be the embryo transfer date. In my excitement I forgot to ask what the size of the follicles were. I guess I will find out Sunday or Monday. I did find out my Estrogen is 2300. I just put on my work calendar that I will be off Wed, Thur and Friday!!!! So bed rest for me. Whooo hoooo. I will be getting some R & R.
I can't believe it has happened so fast. I never would have imagined that in June. When I found out we had to do IVF I was like in January what!!!! that's so far a way. I have to tell Aaron that I appreciate his patience these past few days I know I have been a real bitch at times. Ashley is with my parents at the farm this weekend. At least she won't have to deal with me yelling at her anymore. Sorry honey it was the hormones, I promise. :)

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Mama Jean said...

I told Nana this morning, that I wonder who will win the race to be picked from Aaron, will it be a Dauphine,Guidry,Leblanc,Allemand or even an Orgeron! Boy, is this exciting or what! Just think, no more PMS for 9 months, or is it worse?
Good wishes for you and Aaron, to me you are both doing something awesome.
Tell Ashley we love her too!