Sunday, January 14, 2007

Our babies are now in the lab!

I had my ER this morning. Wow 5:30 am came early. We had to be at the hospital by 6 am. Once we got checked in we went to a room and I feel back alseep. About 7 am a nurse came and got me into another bed and wheeled me to the post op recovery room. That's where they hooked up the IV and I saw the RE and the anesthesiologist and they asked more questions. About 8:15 am they took me into the operating room. They put oxygen on me and then I heard someone say "your gonna feel a little sting and something cold" That was it I woke up in the recovery room about 8:45. I was a little confused when I was talking to the nurse, I kept asking her the same questions. Once they got the IV out and I got dressed we went home. The nurse told me the initial count was 10 and they would call me tomorrow with the fertilization report. I am feeling a little sore down there but not too much. I have been sleeping and relaxing since we got home. Our little babies are in the lab growing big and strong. Tonight on National Geographis is In the Womb: Multiples!!!
*burrrr it's cold outside*


Anonymous said...

Staci and Aaron--

Will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers that all goes well with you and the babies.
Enjoyed Ashley this weekend and we taught her, Dustin, Karen and Randy how to play 31. She took great care of Jakob. She'll will make a helpful big sister!!

We love you all--the Bakers

The guys (Faron and Adrian) said...

I can't wait to hear all about it! We were thinking about you today. The babies are in the lab!! I love that! Hugs to you all!

Mama Jean said...