Monday, January 8, 2007

Higher numbers and more Follicles

The nurse called today and went over the numbers. She decreased my Repronex to 75 ml since it contains lh and fsh hormones. My FSH is 23.5 so it's right where it needs to be. The Follistim contains LH that will continue to grow the follicles. Estrogen is at 800 (this is good since they want each follicle to be at least 100) As for the follicles there are 2 on the left that are measuring 10 mm and 3-5 on the right that measure less than 10 mm. Follicles contain the eggs and there is no way to determine the amont of eggs until the retrieval process. They want the follicles to grow at a rate of 2 mm per day. By Wednesday they should be bigger and probably by Saturday or Sunday we will do the retreival. I am learning so much about this process.
So are you confused yet?!?!?!?


Mama Jean said...

At first I thought you said fish, and, I kind of thought, what has fish to do with all our babies? Anyway tell all your little folicles that today their great-grandmother is 71 years old and she's still not too old to learn new things. It's wonderful to know things are going right on schedule.
Mama Jean

Shannon said...

HUH??? ha ha

I will just wait to read or hear that you are pregnant! I enjoy reading what you write, but sometimes I have no clue what you are talking about. he he

faron said...

Yes! Very! But still wonderfully thrilled for you all!

Regina said...

Great work.