Tuesday, April 3, 2007

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Ok so the blinkies say it all. I am finally pregnant. We started another IVF on 2-25-07. I took the shots for 12 days and did the HCG trigger shot on 3-10-07. I had the egg retrieval on 3-12 and egg transfer on 3-15-07. This time they only got 5 eggs and 2 fertilized. We were so worried this cycle would be a bust. They transferred a 4 cell and 8 cell. I have a pic at home I will have to upload it. I went to the Dr. on 3-23 and they said my #'s looked good (hcg level 116). I decided to take a home pregnancy test on 3-25 and it was positive. SO of course I tested again on 3-26, 3-27 and 3-28. My official pregnancy test at the Dr. was on 3-29-07 and the hcg level was 385. Aaron's parent's, Ali and Presley came in to visit so we told them the good news. By Monday night I had told everyone. I am not good at keeping secrets. 4-2-07 I went back for more bloodwork and the hcg level is 2246. That's really a good #. Tomorrow is my first ultrasound and we will be able to see how many we have in there. Aaron and Ashley are so excited. We are still nervous and pray everything continues to go well.
Due date 12-2-07
Aaron, Staci and Ashley


The boys, F & A said...

You can't imagine how excited we truly are for you. Here's to happy and healthy baby/ies!!! Hugs to you all,

Anonymous said...

I love that picture and of course greedy me hope there is another one hidden in there somewhere! congrat,s and all the love in the world. This one looks just like Aaron.