Monday, April 9, 2007

And then there were 3

We went for an ultrasound this morning hoping to hear 1 heartbeat. Imagine our shock when we saw 2. Then the nurse moved the ultrasound and we saw another sac with one in it. The one by itself is small and there isn't a heartbeat. It's only measuring 5 weeks and I am 6 weeks. So for sure identical twins and maybe triplets. Shock doesn't even begin to explain it.


Tasha said...

YAY. GOD IS GOOD! I am so excited for you guys. 2 or 3 either way its a blessing. So is Aaron arranging their college funds yet ;)

Anonymous said...

Yay, Yay, Yay, I think you know how excited I am...I can't wait to meet the little boogers!! Oh what a Blessing!! :)

the guys said...

This is SO cool. More babies means more chances for babysitters!

You can't possibly imagine how happy we are for you. Congrats!