Tuesday, January 29, 2008

OK as I was saying

like 3 days ago. Sorry I got busy. We have a new and improved bedtime routine. We give the babies their last bottle at 6:30 pm and they are sound asleep by 7 to 7:30 pm. It has been really nice the past week. I get to spend more time with Aaron and Ashley and we have even been able to watch a few movies. I go to bed about 9 and the babies wake up again at midnight and then about 4 am.
The babies have been so smiley lately. It has been so cute seeing them smile and laugh at every little thing. Finally they are starting to interact. I know it goes by so fast so we are trying to remember every moment. The babies favorite thing right now is when Aaron or I dance around to the music on their bouncer. Preston laughs out loud and Lily smiles real big when they watch us.
I am still working on their scrapbook. It is so easy when you start at birth and not try to put a scrapbook together when your baby is 13. Poor Ashley. I had great intentions for her book but never got around to it. I am working on a smaller book that highlights her though.
Yesterday we went and ate lunch with Ashley at her school. All the teachers and students loved the babies. Of course they all thought they were the cutest babies ever!!!! After that we went to my old office to visit my old boss who wasn't there a few weeks ago when we visited. It's so nice to be able to get out and I am so grateful that the babies travel so well. I guess they are used to it since I am a girl on the go. I will be home the rest of the week until Friday when we have MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) and a Scrapbooking party at my friend Jenn's. YIPPY!!!! The babies are coming so I am not sure how much I will get done. Hopefully they will be sleeping. :) Then Sunday we have my dad's 60th birthday party I am planning. I am so excited. I love parties. Since Aaron is in Scotland I am solo for the next week and a half. Wish me luck!!!


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Kim said...

Good luck with the being alone part.

I think your routine sounds good - whatever works best for you and the babies is what you should do.

I hope to see you on Friday night, but we'll have to see how things go first.