Saturday, February 2, 2008

Whew we are busy

So this week has been pretty busy. I have really been sticking to my walking. Wednesday I walked with Jenn around her neighborhood about 4. It is so nice walking in the afternoon and getting it over with. Thursday we decided to walk at 3:30. It was so windy but turned out to be great resistance. My legs and butt were killing me Friday morning. Thursday evening we went to Tasha's for dinner. She cooked lasagna and decided to share with us since Aaron is gone. Friday we had MOPS and then went to McDonalds afterwards to let the kiddos play. Not mine of course, Jenn's daughter, Kiera and Jakob and Kate. Then last night I went to a crop at Jenn's house witht he babies until 3 am!!!!! Holy crap that's so late. The babies did so well otherwise I would not have stayed that late. I fed them and put them to sleep before I got to Jenn's and they slept until midnight. I fed them and they went right back to sleep. When I got home I fed them again and they slept until the lawn man came at 8:30 AM!!!! The guy comes once a month and today was the day. Oh well I am off to bed after this.
I plan to go and join Jazzercise on Tuesday. I am at the size I want to be and in order to stay here I have to get crackin.
Both babies are doing so much lately. Lily is babbling and smiling like crazy. She still has her stomach issues but they are both so happy. Tomorrow we get to see the whole family at Pawpaw's 60th birthday party. YIPPY!!!!

Take care- Staci

PS~ I am so mad. I have tried and tried to add videos from Photbucket. I have never had a problem until the past few days. I don't mind uploading them from blogger but it takes FOREVER!!!!

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