Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fun day

We had a very fun day with the family. Today was my niece Jordan's 2nd birthday party. We went to my sister's about 2. The whole family was their so the babies never got put down. They were a little fussy. I guess they are starting to get used to their routine and nap schedule that when it gets messed up they get fussy. Anyway. All the kids in the family had such a good time. Aunt Michelle rented a fun jump and the kids jumped for hours. I managed to not get one single pic. That's typical for me though. I complain about not having any recent pics then don't take any when all the kids are together. The babies had so much fun that it is now 9:20 and they have both eaten and are passed smooth out in their beds. If I have not said it before I will say it now. I love my family and love getting together. We have so many kids in the family now that it's so fun. It used to be just Ashley (13) and Micah (9) now we have Jakob (3), Jordan (2), Kate (1), the twins and another cousin on the way. Next Christmas will be so fun!!!
Take care and have a happy and healthy new year!!!


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Kim said...

Sounds like you guys had a great day! I had a great time hanging with you and scrapbooking last night - can't wait until the next time!!