Friday, November 2, 2007

Babies, Babies!!!

Our babies are here!!!!! We delivered our twins on Halloween 10-31, at 11:09 am and 11:11 am. Preston was born first at 11:09 and Lily was born at 11:11. I will start from the beginning. We called the hospital at 5:30 am on Wed to make sure my bed was available. It was and the nurse asked if we could be at the hospital by 7:15 am. We got here at 6:15am. They were surprised we were so early but we were ready and wanted to get here before traffic got too bad. Once we got here and got into our room they started filling out the paperwork and getting iv's started. Dr K came in about 8 and checked me at that time I was 4 cm dilated and Preston's water broke while he was checking me. We waited a little bit and watched the monitors that showed the heart rates and my contractions. Apparently I was contracting but didn't feel them. I had to be put on Magnesium Sulfate to try and stabilize my blood pressure and prevent seizures that was shooting up like a rocket. About 9:30 they started the Pitocin to induce labor and about 10:30 I got the epidural. Boy am I glad the epidural came when it did because the contractions were getting worse and PAINFUL!!!!! I told the nurse I felt pressure and felt kind of weird and she checked and I was ready really ready, so ready that my parents were coming into the room as I was being wheeled out all I said was hi and bye. Once we got to the OR things happened so fast. There were so many people and running around it was hard to keep track. All I really remember is the Dr telling me to push and Preston was out in 2 pushes. Then 2 minutes later Lily was out. I do remember hearing both of their cries. I also remember looking at Aaron and seeing his joyful expression! It was awesome. Oh and I did not have a c section. Whooo hooo!!! I was really nervous about that. They deliver in the OR just in case something goes wrong. After delivery I saw the babies for a brief moment when they brought them back into the delivery room. Preston I got to hold because he didn't need oxygen but Lily had her oxygen (astronaut) helmet on so I just got to touch her. Once they took me to the recovery room it took a while to get my blood pressure back down. I had to stay on the magnesium until Wed. night. It got up to 176 over something at one point. I was diagnosed with Toxemia. Everyone got to go and see the babies in the NICU while I recovered. They said once I got to my private room and the epidural wore off I could see them. So at 6 pm I got to go see the babies. I can't believe how small they are. I expected them to be small but their faces are so little. Of course they are the cutest babies in the world. Seriously...................they are! Lily was on oxygen until Wed night and both were under the warmer until Thur afternoon. Ashley even got to see them before me. They have visiting hours for siblings at 4 pm on Wed. If they would not have been born on Wed. she would have had to wait. I am sure once they get home she won't be able to put them down either. Today both babies are in open cribs, breathing on their own, feeding every 3 hours and doing great. In fact they just got moved to the general nursery. Now they can come in our room and people can see them through the windows. We haven't had them in the room yet because Preston is getting circumcised at 4 and he has to have an hour to be monitored. I am still having blood pressure issues but things are looking better. I am on blood pressure medication twice a day and today it has been lower. So I guess it just needed time to stabilize after delivery. I could have been discharged today but since the babies might come home tomorrow the Dr let me stay one more day so we can all go home together. It has been a crazy time between the nurses coming in, trying to go see the babies and now I am pumping. Oh and I forgot I have to eat too. HA!!!! I am sure that once we get home it will be crazier. All I want to do is hold the babies though. Aaron and I go in the nursery and we just sit there and hold them. We both look at each other and say ok we better go before we fall asleep in here. As of right now we are all doing well. Hopefully we can all go home tomorrow.
Preston weighed 5 lbs 3 oz, 18 in long and Lily weighed 4 lbs 13 oz, 17 3/4 in long.

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers!!! We can't wait to get these babies home and show them off to everyone.
Love Staci and Aaron.


Angela said...

Hi there. I am delurking to say congratulations on the births of Preston and Lily. I found your blog a while back and have been checking in from time to time. Very happy everything was ok with the twins. I know they have a special angel looking out for them too. Enjoy it! Having multiples is definitely a very special and unique experience!!!


The Schoens said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I cant wait to hold my new Neice and Nephew!!And Cousins Jakob and Kate cant wait to see them as well!!! We love you all and are so excited to be apart of this new journey ahead..


The Hyperfertile Infertile said...

Congrats on the arrival of Preston and Lily! Sounds like everyone is doing great.

(Jody from Babycenter)

Glory Laine said...

Wow those babies were so ready to come! My twins were similar weights. My boy was 4/13 and my girl 5/10. Really it's been great. Praying for you guys the next few months.

Andi said...

I'm also delurking to say congratulations! Hope you and the babies all get to come home together.

Kevin & Jennifer said...

Congratulations!!!! God is Great! I am so glad everything turned out so well! I sure hope your whole family gets to come home soon!

Kim said...

Yeah!! I'm glad everything went great - and that your blood pressure is getting better. Hopefully by now you guys are home and settling in... we can't wait to see you guys! Congratulations to everyone!

the guys said...

Yea for hurray!!!!! Everyone is safe and happy and healthy. What more can we ask for? Love you all!

Faron and Adrian

Krysta said...

Congratulations!!!!! Sounds like a really great delivery for all of you! And WOOO HOOOOO on no c-section, thats awesome! Cant wait to hear how it goes when you all get home!

Peace, Love and TWINS!!!

BBC: tlcmomof5 said...

Congratulations on the birth of your sweet babies!