Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lots of pictures

Here are all the pics in our baby web album. We will be adding more so check the album often.

Dr visit: We took the babies to the Dr on Tuesday to be weighed and checked out. The weigh 5 lbs 7 oz for Lily and 5 lbs 8 oz for Preston they gained more than the Dr thought they would. He said he was impressed and that next week when they are 3 weeks old they should be over 6 lbs and we can start feeding every 4 hours instead of every 3. That will be a huge help for the night time feedings especially with Aaron going back to work. They are already eating over 2 oz at each feeding. They average about 70 ml. They won't have to go back to the Dr until January when they will be 2 months old to get their shots. : (
We have been doing well the past 2 weeks. We try to sleep as much as possible. Aaron's mom was here the first week and was a huge help. She did laundry, cooked dinner and helped with the babies. I don't know what we would have done without her. Thanks NANA!!! Aaron will be leaving the Sunday after Thanksgiving to go to Aberdeen and we have enlisted Mama Jean (his gma) to come stay with me to help. I am not ready to tackle the babies by myself 24/7. I can't wait for Mama Jean to see the babies she is going to love and kiss them so much. : D
That's about all for now. We can't wait until Thanksgiving. YUM!!!!



The Schoens said...

I love all the pictures!! Good Job.. Love the ones with them on their special blankies.. So gorgeous!! And great clothing choices for Lily ;) Those were my faves on Kate..

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful!!! I can't wait to see them. Scary but........ It kinda makes me want one.

Kim said...

They are very cute Staci!! Just let us know and John will bring you guys dinner - we've got it waiting for you!