Thursday, November 29, 2007

The worst birthday ever

As many of you know Tuesday, Nov 27th was my 30th birthday. As many of you know Lily has been sick. I never imagined what would happen on this day and where I would be right now. The day started out fine after taking Lily to the Dr on Monday we were told to keep sucking her nose out and keep the vaporizer on her and watch for fever or wheezing. Well in the afternoon about 2 I was giving her a bath and finished up and started to bathe Preston. Mama Jean came into the kitchen with Lily and screamed Staci she is not breathing. I took one look and grabbed her. She was completely blue and limp. I yelled for my mom to call 911. I started patting her back and laid her on the counter and started CPR. I gave her 2 breaths and she started gasping and coughing. She finally started crying when the ambulance arrived. My whole world stopped it felt like it took an hour for the ambulance to arrive. They took her to the hospital and admitted her for bronchitis. They ran a bunch of tests and did a chest xray that showed she has fluid in her lungs. I have no idea how we went from the pediatrician on Monday to this. I don't know if the fluid in her lungs was there on Monday. All I know is she stopped breathing and I never want to relive that. She is still in the hospital on breathing treatments every 4 hours and she is on oxygen. She is eating well and alert. She just looks so sad with her oxygen in her nose. : ( I called Aaron in Scotland on our way to the hospital and he boarded the next plane he could. He got in yesterday at 7 pm. His mom has also come in from LA.
Now for Preston. He started having the same symptoms as Lily so I took him to the Dr yesterday. The pedi said the same thing to watch him and do the vaporizer. I thought this advice was unacceptable because I was not going to be sent home with another sick baby after what happened to Lily. So I decided to take him to the hospital and have him observed and tested through the emergency room like Lily was. Glad I did. He has Pneumonia. I mean seriously how can a pedi listen to a chest and not order a chest xray or something on a 4 week old? Now both my babies are int he hospital 3 rooms apart. Preston is not on oxygen and getting antibiotics everyday for 7 days. This is standard procedure for Pneumonia. Lily will be in for 3 to 5 days they said. We will know more about her once they started weaning the oxygen and she can breath on her own.
Please keep our family in your prayers and I hope no one ever has to go through the horror that we have gone through.
We have had people ask how they can help. The best help people can offer us right now is meals. We are switching off at the hospital. Aaron's mom and grandma are up there now and Aaron and I came home to sleep, eat and shower. It helps alot when there is food here and we don't have to cook or eat out.


Kim said...

Oh Staci, my heart goes out to you guys!! I am so sorry that you are going through this, and pray that God will lead you to the other side quickly. We are here if you need anything, even if you just need a name of a new pediatrician!! If you want to drop Ashley off over here so that she isn't alone - just let us know.

Lathan, Lauren & Logan said...

Oh my goodness...your family will definetly be in my prayers tonight.

Hope everyone gets feeling better VERY soon and that you all get to come home and STAY THERE!!!

What a SUPER mom for knowing what to do and getting Lily breathing incredibly SCARY!

We absolutely LOVE our pedi (in fact, she's so awesome we just sent her a cookie bouquet today for taking such good care of us!)...she's in the med center but if you want her info just let me know!

Glory Laine said... I can't imagin. Praise God Lily is ok and you knew just what to do. (an angel whispering in your ear no doubt) I will be praying!

Cathy Hengst said...

WOW how scarry. What a great Mom you are to know what to do! I can not imagine. Well actually I kinda can. My little guy had those problems alot and was a preemie. After switching pedi's it has made a world of difference. If you are in the Woodlands area I would love to send you her way if you are intersted email me. She has gotten my 4yr old through some VERY tough and scarry times.

Krysta said...

Staci - OMG! You and your family are in my prayers. How terrifying... I cant even imagine. Im going to be brushing up on my CPR skills now. I hope they get to go home very soon and this will be the last of any trips to the hospital!

Anonymous said...

omg staci! i'm so sorry to hear what happen. that is mortifying and i can only imagine what you went through. we will pray for your babies and your family. be strong for your babies. hope this will all be over soon and preston and lily will be able to come home with you again happy and healthy. thinking of you.

Jackie said...

I just found your blog. I know it's much after the fact, but I can totally relate. My daughter (I also have b/g twins) experienced acute respiratory failure at 7 weeks on November 9 - with no prior symptoms. Right after she'd had a bath, she just started gasping for air and couldn't breathe. And I was home alone with both babies and giving her brother a bath at the time. Much as I hate to relive those moments and later seeing her on a ventilator, it just makes me so grateful to God that she's safe and healthy with no lingering problems from it. Glad that both of yours recovered quickly as well.