Saturday, November 24, 2007

I know it has been a while.....

but at least I have a good excuse. The babies are doing good. We all are. The babies are growing like crazy. They are on their way to being fully breastfed. They eat every 4 hours and I breastfeed but also give them a bottle afterwards since they still act hungry. It will take some adjusting.
We had a great Thanksgiving. We went to my sister's and had tons of food. It was so great to get out and spend time with my family. I just love hanging out with them. Some people don't like their families. Mine are my most favorite people. Aaron's Mama Jean (gma) came on Friday to spend the week with me while Aaron is in Scotland. He leaves Sunday and will be back on Saturday. She has already been a big help with feeding and taking care of the babies. Right now she is cooking gumbo..... yum!!!!
I have uploaded more pics onto our web album. I am just going to put all the pics there since it is so easy and the link will be on the left side of the blog.
I haven't really taken that many pics of them. It seems when all you do is eat, sleep and change diapers the day goes so fast.
All about the babies: I don't see much of their personalities yet. Lily is laid back and patient. Preston is the cryer, when it is time to eat he will let you know. Lily has had a few reflux episodes where she throws up everything. and it comes out her nose. This has only happened 3 times but it's enough to scare the crap out of me. We have been making sure she burps and keep her elevated after she eats. They both do well at night after each feeding we rock them or sooth them back to sleep and they go down pretty good. It's nice to be feeding every 4 hours.
Ok well that's all for now.
Take care- Staci


Anonymous said...

That's awesome that they feed every 4 hours! Jacob feeds every 2 to 3 hours . Are you supplementing with formula?

Glory Laine said...

Dauphine, I think it is so great that you are breastfeeding. It's so hard at first. I worked tirerlessly to go all breastfeeding. Lots of pumping and suppliments. I finally decided to embrace the two methods and for me it was the most freeing move I've ever made. I asked God to take away the guilt and he did. I felt so good to know that the babies got mostly breast milk everyday and a little formula afterwards. They slept better then my first AND I was able to leave them with dad or a sitter and know that if I got stuck in traffic or decided to go out to dinner and a movie with a friend (gasp).....they would get their bellies full. Anyway it worked very well for us.
Love hearing from you. It takes me back.

The Brown Bunch said...

Congrats! That is a major difference in your day, going to 4 hours. I am so glad that breastfeeding is working for you. That is great. I hope that all continues to work, and you enjoy it all.

Love ya

Diana said...

By the way.....



The Stone-Simmons Family said...

I can't wait to see the little ones again!