Monday, October 15, 2007

We are so close!

Ok went to the Dr today. The babies are so big!!! 4 lbs 8 oz each. Yup they weigh the same. I go back in 10 days, next Thur. Everything looks good, blood pressure, babies, weight. He said the next time we go in he will check my cervix and will probably schedule me to be induced on 11-5-07. 3 weeks from today!!!! My cervix is getting shorter it's at 2.65, 2 weeks ago it was at 2.9. I am right where I am supposed to be. Oh and I gained 3 lbs. Total weight gain is 42 lbs. Yea that's right I weigh 185 lbs. CRAZY!!!
I am so excited, we are so ready!!!! I have a video of where the babies will be sleeping for the first few months but have tried uploading it twice with no luck.
I will try later.



Kevin & Jennifer said...

I am so glad the twins are doing so well! Good job Mommy!

the guys said...


Faron and Adrian

The Schoens said...

YAY 3 weeks to go. I cant wait to meet my little niece and Nephew. I am going to spoil them to peices like their mommy does for her Niece and Nephew.

Kim said...

We are all so excited to meet those little cuties... it won't be long now!