Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New belly pic, hiccups and more!

I know everyone just loves seeing the belly grow. I don't think it sticks out as far. Maybe I am dropping. Tonight after Ashley's game we were on the way home and I felt hiccups again. This time it was Lily and Aaron & Ashley got to feel them too. It is so cool how there are little people inside my belly.
Today I got the changing table all set up for all those diaper changes. I put some clothes, diapers and other necessities on there. I also have a shelf in the dining room with the same necessities. I figure the less running from room to room to get clothes, blankets and diapers the better. I am sure what I need will always be in another room though, isn't that how it usually works out?!?!?
Here is a pic of the changing table:
My next Dr appt is Thursday. If there are no changes he will schedule me to be induced on 11-5-07. Yippy!!! Now if there are changes such as I am dialated or my blood pressure has gone up he will admit me. We will wait and see. I will surely let ya know.
Love, Staci


The Schoens said...

YAY. I cant wait till those little buggers get here.
The changing table looks great. Thanks for letting Kate break it in for you ;)

Dao said...

After you described how the hiccups feel, I felt them the other day! It was really cool. I guess I've been feeling them, just didn't know they were hiccups. Room looks great!

Kim said...

You're doing so great Staci - it won't be long now. :-) Try to get as much rest as you can... you're going to need it!!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, I can't wait!! You look amazing!! Miss you tons!! Love, Deanna

Anonymous said...

You look wonderful !!!!!! Can't wait to see all of you.
Amy & Patrick