Monday, October 29, 2007

Getting ready......

Either it's all in my head or my body is just ready. Nesting has kicked into overdrive. I have called the pediatrician, called the hospital, and got a list of email address' together so Aaron can send out a mass email once the babies are born. The pediatrician said once the babies are born they will be seen by the on call Dr at the hospital. They will be seen by Dr Garza for any follow ups needed. The nurse just said call and they will get us in. She was so nice. Dr Garza is the same pedi that Jakob and Kate go to. He has been referred by lots of the moms of multiples too. As for the hospital I have to call on Wed morning at 5:30 am and ask if they have a bed available, if so we will have to be there by 7:30. If not they will call when one is available. If it gets too late I will just go in and say I am having pressure or something. It says on my instructions not to eat or drink anything after midnight tomorrow. Sorry but if I am not guaranteed a time to go in I am eating something especially if I call and there isn't a bed. We are also getting the Explorer this weekend. Aaron is going to ride back to Louisiana with his dad and drive the Explorer back. Talk about last minute. It's cool though we have a car for the babies to come home in so were good. I am sure tomorrow I will not be able to sleep at all.
Take care, love Staci

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Anonymous said...

Thinking about u guys. Love you and can't wait to see all 5 of u. Good luck tomorrow.
Love, Amy & Patrick Finney