Wednesday, September 5, 2007

So long.......

It's been so long. I am sorry. Aaron was in Germany last week and my charger to my computer broke. I would have just bought a new one but my husband is so smart I knew he could fix it. I looked at WalMart and the generic brand chargers were $60 bucks!!!! No thank you. Aaron fixed it yesterday. Thanks Radio Shack.
We had a great Labor Day. Aaron's parents enjoyed their visit and I enjoyed them too!!! Aaron's mom is awesome. She was cleaning and cooking. Aaron's dad fixed the guest bed that we broke at the baby shower. We went and ate bbq and went to Dustin and Tasha' s new house. Other than that is was pretty relaxing. Oh and we took Aaron out for his birthday Saturday night when he got home.
Ok the picture that is updated is 26 weeks and I am 27 weeks. I will get a new one up soon. I went to the Dr on Tuesday and he was so excited the babies are doing so well. He examined Preston's brain very thoroughly and doesn't see any type of damage. Preston weighs 2 lbs 7 oz and Lily weighs 2 lbs 8 oz. I have gained 5 lbs and a whopping 35 lbs total. Dr still says 36 weeks, that would be 11-4. So about 2 months away. It seems long (trust me I know) but I also know that the longer the babies stay the healthier they will be. I also did my glucose test and will have the results of that soon. It wasn't too bad. I had to drink this sweet sugary drink then wait an hour and they drew my blood.
Ashley is doing well in school she is still walking home but said her saxophone is hurting her shoulders.
Ok I think I am all caught up.
Love, Staci


Linda said...

Girl you look so cute!!!!! Love ya, Linda

the guys said...

Girl, looks like we might need to get you some new tshirts! 2 more months! Yea!! Faron and Adrian

Diana said...

You look fantastic - all babies!!!

I predict both babies will be at least 5 1/2 pounds. Oh yeah...and gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

WOW, you look so good, and the babies are doing wonderful. popa and I are thanking GOD every day. Keep up that great work!!!
love to all,
Mama Jean

The Schoens said...

You look so beautiful Stac! I have tears in my eyes.. What a beautiful Preggers momma you are!!!
I love ya,


Kim said...


You look great! We can't wait to see the babies!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Tell Ashley its practice time, walking with a saxaphone is like holding two babies at one time.

Anonymous said...

You look great! Pregnancy does a body good! Glad to know you are doing good. All of you are still in our thoughts and prayers. Can't wait to see you.
The Finney's

DADDY said...