Monday, September 10, 2007

Glucose test results

I got a call from my Dr's nurse today. I flunked my glucose test. = ( I have an appointment at 7:40 in the morning to go do the 3 hour glucose test. I guess I get to drink the sweet stuff every hour and have my blood drawn every hour? Sounds like fun. I made the appointment for as early as possible because I can't eat or drink ANYTHING after midnight tonight. That's going to be hard because I keep water by my bed and wake up about 5 times a night to drink it. I guess it will be empty tonight. I am also anemic so I have to take some iron supplements. The nurse said none of this surprises her with multiples most woman are anemic. I guess the babies are sucking all my nutrients. My morning tomorrow will be fun filled. Yippy!!!!
I will let ya know what the results are.

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The Schoens said...

Aww I am sorry girl. It me I KNOW.. if you want to talk about it just give me a call. The iron pills arent bad, take them with Oj and it helps them get to your blood stream faster. But if you have G/D Then dont drink the oj.. lol. Good luck..
I love ya,