Thursday, September 13, 2007

Passed my 3 hour

The nurse called and I passed my 3 hour glucose test. I will ask her on Monday if I was just borderline or if there is anything in my diet I should change? I don't know much about GD so I will ask. Just a quick update.
Take care- Staci


The Guinn Triplets said...

Great...I'm glad you didn't have to take on that extra stress!

the guys said...

And ask her if pancakes and ice cream is still ok!! Hugs to you,
Faron and Adrian

Kim said...

Staci - one thing that will help... anytime you eat a sugar or a carb - eat some sort of protein with it. The protein will slow your absorption of the sugar into your bloodstream. Even if it's just a peice of cheese before that ice cream - it will help.