Sunday, September 9, 2007

New pic

Since the last pic was at 26 weeks you guys will be surprised how much bigger I am since it has been 2 weeks. I am 28 weeks. I am having Braxton Hicks and back pain, everything else is good. The Dr said don't worry about the Braxton Hicks until they start hurting or getting stronger. He says it's the body's way of preparing for birth. Oh did I mention the pelvic bone pain, yea that hurts too, mainly when I get up from being in the same position for too long. Everything else is pretty much the same. I go back to the Dr on 9-17 at noon. I am sure that both babies will be over 3 lbs. They are so active right now that I feel kicks most of the day, especially when Aaron is playing his guitar or Ashley is playing her saxophone.

This past week I went out to Motherhood Maternity and bought a few shirts. Then I went to the office to visit. It's nice to get out at least once a week for some fresh air.

Take care and I hope everyone has a good week!



Anonymous said...

There you go, I just know that they are going to be dancers, do you play "Cotton Eyed Joe" for them? OR how about "Julie Blonde"? Gosh you are beautiful.
Love ya,
Mama Jean

Kim said...

You still look great Staci! It won't be long until they are born. We can't wait to meet them. :-)