Sunday, July 8, 2007

Excited for the shower!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited for the shower!!!!!! We have had a busy weekend. We got new appliances for the kitchen and Aaron & Dustin put them in Friday night. Now we have a nice new dishwasher ready to wash the first bottle. Saturday Aaron made breakfast on the new stove. Then we went to pick up Ashley from Michelle's. I have been nesting like a mad woman. I cleaned out the closet in the babies room and put all the baby stuff that I have received in there. I also cleaned out the closet in our bathroom and in our room. I am trying to get as much space as possible to store diapers, wipes and all the baby stuff we will have. We went and bought a new stroller and all the infant seats today. A lady from my triplet group (Space City Triplets) was selling her Triple Decker & 3 infant seats w/ bases for an awesome price. We were planning to get them so decided to buy from her. We went to her house and she has 19 month old all girl fraternal triplets. It looked like a baby factory in there. It was awesome. The girls were playing and watching tv. Shannon (mom) had a lot of great tips.
The stroller, we will use while the trio is in the infant seats then upgrade to the Foundations triple. Here are examples of both: Triple Decker


So far we have the stroller, infant seats, a bouncy chair, swing and an exersaucer.
I am still feeling great. My back has started hurting if I do too much. This week is my last week at work. SO EXCITED!!!! After the shower I plan to stay home and relax and get ready for babies!
Take care until next time- Staci

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