Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dr appt update!

We went to the Dr yesterday. Preston has doubled his weight he was 7 oz now he is 14oz. Lily was 6 oz now she is 13 oz. Mason was 5 oz now he is 9 oz. The Dr is concerned about Mason because he only gained 4 oz and is measuring 10 days behind. There isn't much I can do except continue to eat and rest and hope he continues to fight. I go to the Dr every 2 weeks now with my next appt being 8-6-07. The Dr said the babies have a good chance of surviving if born between 28 to 30 weeks. He would like for me to go as long as possible but it really depends on the babies. I am praying Mason stays strong and keeps fighting.


Tasha said...

Staci and Aaron,
I am praying for little Mason. I know he is going to be a fighter and catch up to his pig brother and sister.
I love you guys,


Anonymous said...

our sweet babies, Preston, you take care of your little brother, and Mason show all those people from Texas how a true Cajun can survive!!!!Lily, make sure your brothers are fighting for each other.
Love all of you Mama Jean

DADDY said...

I think of you everyday Angel, my heart and prayers are with you sweetheart....STRENGTH AND COURAGE i love you daddy