Thursday, March 6, 2008

Whew what a day!

I took the babies for their 4 month check up today. They are so big!!!! But you already knew that. We will start with Lily- sweet little Lily. She weighs 11 lbs 3.5 oz, 23 inches tall. She is in the 10% for her height and weight but she is following her own curve so the Dr said she is doing well. I had to make an appointment to see the eye dr for her eye. It still has yellow goopy stuff and the 2 drops we have used are not helping. It just keeps coming back. We have an appt next week. Preston, Preston, Preston "big guy" 14 lbs 6 oz, 24 inches tall 50% for weight and 25% for height. He is a big healthy boy that's for sure. The doctor said it's ok to start them on solids. Good thing because I already did, about 3 weeks ago for Preston and 2 weeks ago for Lily. Preston is still just eating cereal and squash and Lily cereal and some squash. She doesn't care for it too much. She makes the funniest face. I feed them both cereal in the morning and then at night they get squash (Preston) and cereal (Lily)
Ashley went to the orthodontist today. We knew she needed braces but after talking to him we will probably wait and put them on in Canada. Since she will only get 3 months worth of treatment. There is a minimum due before you can transfer otherwise you still owe it. With only having 3 months we won't be even close to the minimum due. We have 100% dental through Aaron's work so we will get them there. I have already talked to an ortho there.
I have been able to get alot done for our big move. On Tuesday I was a cleaning machine. We had a listing agent come out to take a look at the house. It's not on the market. I have a few more realtors I want to talk to first. You don't want to go with the first one right? So far we have talked to insurance, realtors, car dealers and locals in St. John's. Here we have done the usual cleaning, getting passport, updating vehicle stuff. There is so much you put off and put off until finally you have to do it all at once. So for all you procrastinators out there get your stuff done because when you let it pile up the day will come when you HAVE to do it.
Take care I hear a babbling baby in there. What time is it? He thinks it's party time.

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