Monday, March 3, 2008

Our big news

Our big news is that Aaron has been offered a position with his current employer in CANADA!!! We have decided to take this opportunity. It is a temporary position. We are very excited and can't wait to see what Canada has to offer. The area we will be in is St. John's Newfoundland. I am sure the weather will be the biggest adjustment but we will get used to it. Right now I am stressed trying to get information about the area, taxes, schools, dentists, cars, houses and everything that has to do with moving to another country.
Of course this means I am going to have to keep up with the blog daily now.
Both babies are on solid food. Preston started baby food (squash) 2 nights ago and Lily is on cereal. I will start her on baby food soon. I wanted to make sure she could handle the cereal first.
Don't forget you can click all pics to show bigger.

Lily with her cute bow Mrs. Jenn let us borrow.

Babies eating cereal.

Babies outside last weekend. We like to take them outside to play when the weather is nice.

Meme with Preston

Aaron playing the guitar for Lily before her bath. Aunt Tasha is holding her.

Pawpaw with Jakob

Pawpaw with the babies

Jordan and Jakob eating ice cream

Jordan and Jakob with their cool sunglasses

Chris and Deanna with the babies


Dao said...

omg preston is such a ham! i love it! how many lbs does he weigh now??

Anonymous said...

omg !!!!

Kim said...

Wow!! All I can think of to say is "shut up!". We're going to miss you - but yes you'll definently have to keep up with the blog daily... and keep scrapbooking...