Thursday, August 2, 2007

Just a little update

Just wanted to say hi and update! I am feelin great. I am getting lots of rest and relaxation. I only left the house twice this week. Once to go to Wal Mart on Tuesday and then Wednesday to eat lunch with the office and to pick up my last paycheck! EEEK!!!! Other than that I have been home just chilling and doing little stuff around here. Ashley has been a huge help. My next Dr. appt is Monday. I don't have any changes to report except the belly is getting BIGGER!!! I will have to put up a pic soon.
I will update after my appt for sure.


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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say HI - I happened upon your blog - maybe through TC, don't recall - but you and yours are in our prayers. Our b/b/g trio are now preteens - seems like yesterday I was where you are. Take it easy and rest - you'll soon be busy enough.
Also - love the Houston posts - I am from Houston originally - missing Texas :( - so it gives me a little taste of home too.